MUDr. Jan Cienciala, Ph.D.

Range of Services

  1. Total and also local treatment of kinetic parts of the body and spine.
  2. X-ray investigation and simple laboratory tests.
  3. Conservative treatment of spine diseases and injuries (pharmaceuticals, prosthetic instruments, swathes and taping).
  4. Radiological investigations - X-ray films, computer tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance, scintigraphy and other with  connection to Faculty Hospital in Brno-Bohunice and  Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute.
  5. Chirurgical treatment at the Department of Orthopedics in  Brno-Bohunice in the sphere of whole orthopedics and  traumatology including artificial joints and intervertebral discs ("move preserving operations"), club foot etc.
  6. Ordering of further specialized investigations and  laboratory investigations.
  7. Treatment of sport overloads and back office crunch with respect to physical therapy.
  8. Consultancy, elaboration of judgements from orthopedics, traumatology and spine surgery.
  9. Long-term supervision and treatment of particular illnesses and defects of locomotive organs of  children, adults, persons with hazardous employment and seniors.
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